Project Overview



          In the programming, you may notice that C++ language did not provide many libraries for programmers since it is built based on C language. There are a standard template library that is designed to provide certain utilities such as Link list, vectors, etc. However, the design is not a complete object oriented model for programmers. The name convention is also terrible, lots of function name does not make sense unless you check the reference. In contract, Java Development Kit provide a complete objected oriented design model, it categorize the classes into different folders so that the user can easily find out where they are. The method name is well named so that the user do not need to spending lots of time in memorize the method. 

Why could not we have this kind of library in C++ that could be distributed in any system.  Isn't it making life more easier if we have all the classes that in different category. Java language becomes more and more popular for its platform independency. However, running the byte codes in a kind-of simulator is really paid lots of price because the interpretation and virtual machine efforts. Therefore, for many applications, we still need to develop them in C++ and Python, and other "native" language for the system. The programmer may notice that for long time ago. Since you don't have many objected oriented designed library models, you always have to develop some models according to your own need. Especially, when you doing network programming, you have to write everything from "send" to "receive".  You have to set up some parameters again and again.  I am really tired of this! Why can we just have one function called "Connect" as in Java. This is just an example, there are some steps you need to do  in java networking programming, but it is simpler than in C++.  Under this motivation, I and several programmer is launching an objected oriented designed C++ library project which has similar object design as in java.

Market Information

        This project will be open source project.  We wish everyone can contribute and modify the model designs as necessary.  When all the people who are willing to contribute comes together, it really makes the difference.


        This library must provide the utility library. It also should provide a GUI interface which is similar to JDK.  It also should provide network classes for network programming. Moreover, it should be a scalable product, meaning adding the modules at the ease.

Cost and Time

       The project is used by the people, for the people. All we request is to attach our name in the source code. :) The cost and time is distributed over the network, therefore, we can get more inputs than any companies who is managed to develop them.  The estimation time to completed this project is one year. However, everything is depended on you, developers!!!




Email:  kjin@cs.ucla.edu SourceForge